Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuna Sandwich Anyone?

This in from Greenpeace on the destruction and death that goes into every tin of  "Chicken of the sea".
I see videos like this and wonder if we shouldn't stop eating fish all together that farming actual chickens is  more sustainable.  Of course vegetarians who eat fish think somehow the death of these majestic creatures is more acceptable than the death of, say, a chicken, yet when confronted with this evidence it just doesn't seem to add up to me.  A chicken slaughtered on a farm doesn't have any residual impact like the devastating by catch of other species and baby fish who are killed in the process then thrown back in the sea to rot or feed Seagulls.

Funny how this video just makes me want to eat chicken of the land and give chicken of the sea a pass.

Go Here and sign the petition.

The helicopter pilot who took this footage is shown in the shadows doing the narrative with one of those distorted voices so that no one can identify him - is it just me or does he sound Australian?  I thought those voice distortion things were suppose to make it impossible for you to decipher those sorts of things?

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