Monday, November 28, 2011


By early November all over Berlin little "christmas villages" are sprouting up, the central focus of them seems to be a cabin where you can drink (my favorite one had fur covered benches outside).  The drink of choice?  What else but Gluhwein or as we would call it here: mulled wine.

When I got back to NYC and went to Astor Wine I was happily surprised to see a display of German Gluhwein for sale ($8.99) they have limited stock and it's not available on their website so if you want something fun and kind of special for this holiday season go and get yourself a liter of this festive German libation, heat it up on the stove and sip it while the snow falls outside your window.

From what I can tell there is no added sugar to this wine just spices.  Which is a good thing, although I believe the wine has a little natural sweetness to  it, so it goes down easy.

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