Friday, November 25, 2011

Straight Talkin' Cooking Help

My friends Michael and Kurt both tipped me off to this video and this woman who runs a cooking school in San Francisco called Tante Marie's.  I like her focus on what top drink, basically saying: if your guests are drunk it won't matter how good or bad the food is.  And then at the end of the video her classic advise: Just put the Fucking Turkey in the oven!

I spent most of my time when I watched this video having kitchen envy. Also I think although realistic she might have mentioned that Heritage breeds of Turkey cook up better and have less dry breasts because they aren't force fed in a factory in order to give them huge white meat breast....just saying, there is a way to increase your odds at making a more successful turkey, buy one that is from a farm not a factory and odds a good meal go way up.  This coming from the guy who made ravioli for Thanksgiving.


Chris and Skip said...

LOVED THIS. She's' "flawless."

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! LOL!!!!
thank goodness i enjoy cooking
But it's a great vid for my hetero bro

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