Monday, November 21, 2011

The Last of Prague

Prague proved to be much more than I  had expected.  I figured it would be beautiful, historically interesting and filled with tourist; which it was.  But it was so much more.  In the end it was a place I could linger in for weeks and am already looking forward to returning to.

Loved the est. 1348 part of this hotel sign.  Hopefully they've update the plumbing since opening.
The restaurant/food scene is obviously grown way beyond the cliched goulash and dumpling reputation that still lingers about this town.  I never had a noch or a drink here, but Cantinetta Fiorentina always enchanted me with it's high end tasteful Italian decor and casual bar set up.

Practically next store was King Solomon whose add always made me smile - since 5760?  So that would be to the best of my googling 1999.  
Indeed I saw several restaurants serving "jewish specialtes" though I'm not sure they were kosher.

And for those who don't eat meat I found plenty of vegetarian restaurants and veggie friendly menus all over town.
On my first night I stumbled across this very traditional Czech wine bar in a basement not far from my called Na Sikme Plose. It was the perfect place to spend my first night, cozy,warm with a good selection of local wines and a good selection of bar food (I had a chicken club sandwich which hit the spot perfectly).   

After much indecision I finally choose this wine - which is a Pinot Noir type wine.  After I was sipping I looked around the full rom and noticed that everyone in the place was drinking white wine.  later I found out that Czech people prefer the white and think it is of better quality.  I liked my wine and thought it was the perfect thing for a cold damp Fall evening...  
My only warning to you is that if you order olives get just the green ones, both in Prague and in Berlin I had several run ins with those tasteless artificially chemically altered "ripe olives" from a can that I personally think are disgusting and really aren't even olives.  

Funny how I'm ending my trip to Prague with my first night there, it must be all the Kafka I was reading, everything is a puzzle, a labyrinth in the fog...OK I'll stop now - go to Prague, you'll like it and relatively speaking it's a great value for Europe as they don't use the Euro.

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