Friday, November 4, 2011

Cooking By Heart

My friend Jane sent me a link to a video food blog done by a friend's son who is also a documentary film maker (I hope I have that right) Cooking By Heart is dedicated to passing along family food traditions and recipes.  The videos are very lovely, personal and of the three I've watch so far each one has an older person teaching a younger person how to make a recipe that they are passing down - they are very personal, informative and really inspiring.

Cooking by Heart: Asha Janardhan's Bise Bele Bath Masala Powder from alana lowe on Vimeo.

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alana said...

Hey Urban Food Guy,
Thanks for posting this! I am so happy and flattered that you've enjoyed the videos. I've got more shoots on the calendar, so there will be more work to share soon. If you want to talk about collaborations, have ideas for videos and/or potential Cooking by Heart subjects, please let me know!
Thanks again,

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