Monday, November 14, 2011

Markthalle Neun Berlin

My friend Keith took me to this amazing market hall that has just re-opened after years of being empty.  It's so cool and old and now filled with artisanal food people it makes me want to move in next store!

It's very late here - I'm going to bed - more on this tomorrow.  In the meanwhile check out their site!

The old stalls are amazing - there is some new building the center of the market but the periphery is still very much in tact

A lot of wine stores here sell bulk wine and spirits so you can bring your bottle back and refill it.  

The Raclette looked so delicious.  In a way this reminded me a little bit of the New Amsterdam market in NYC - people selling produce, meat and fish along with prepared and preserved foods

Pink mushrooms - I'd never seen these before

Soluna has a shop in Kruezberg and is considered by many here to be the some of the best bread in Berlin.

Great historic pictures of the market over the years.

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