Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blurry PIctures

Often times I post pictures that aren't perfect and I just wanted to take a moment to explain my thoughts on this.  If I'm doing a dinner party I'm usually in a hurry and instead of stopping everything and doing a photo shoot I think it's best to just get an image that suggests the feeling of a dish or event.  Also I hate having to turn the lights up and ruin the mood.

When I travel like on this most recent trip I find that Europeans often don't like it if you take pictures.  Even if it's just a picture of their squash.  I have been yelled at in Germany (many times, my friend Keith thinks it's a throw back to when the Stasi was spying on everyone) France - where apparently cheese is very photo shy and Prague (less so).  So often I am trying to take pictures on the sly, or very quickly when no one is noticing.   I'm not bold in this way to begin with - or you would see more picture on here of people or me with the chef type of stuff when in reality what you get are glimpses - hopefully interesting ones - to give you the idea of a thing or place.

So that's where the blur comes from I felt I needed to tell you because I know some of you have asked me about getting a better camera (just what I need something bigger and more obvious!) in order to get better images.  I actually like my aesthetic (kind of obvious I guess), but I just wanted to be clear with y'all that it wasn't sloppy or unintentional, quite the contrary.  In truth after doing Food Styling and seeing the pain staking process of making food a certain way and having an expensive professional photographer and lights to make it look like something it often isn't I think it is refreshing to just see things as they are and sometimes after too much wine (or beer as would be the case in Berlin) or when you are trying to not look like the Stasi: things are blurry.

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