Saturday, November 12, 2011

Absinth Depot Berlin

I love the cat having an Absinth revery in this picture.

The Absinth Depot is in the part of Mitte that reminds me of Soho (in a charming, smaller, Berlin sort of way) around the Weinmeister Strasse U Bahn station.  It's one of the many reasons, this little shop sticks out: it's not an international retail outlet or fancy design hotel like all it's neighbors, it's an actual, authentic, old, eclectic, charming store that looks like it belongs in an other time.

I wanted to go in, but did want to be a gawking tourist taking pictures of the mind boggling, mind numbing bottles of Absinth and it's variations.

I'm going to be in the neighborhood again today so I may muster up my courage and cross over the threshold....Neil I may be bringing Absinth home from Berlin!

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