Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Small Farmers Market In Prague

I was so exciting when I saw this little farmers market behind a big modern building up the street from my hotel (on Rybna).  Not a huge selection, but local produce, preserves, honey and other local delicacies where for sale.
 The names of most of the apples were familiar thought the pear names seemed like they might be unique to this region - hard to tell as they were all in Czech.
 Spicy marinated cheese (feta?).

With the exception of the guy who was sell produce all the people were set up in this little houses.  I felt sorry for the farmer selling root vegetables apples and pears as he had not protection from the cold and bone chilling dampness.
I had a long conversation last night with the Paul Day the chef of Sansho (where I spent the most amazing night last night, and ate some very tasty food, but more on that later) who is very dedicated to local produce and the raising of heritage breed animals.  Apparently when under the rule of the Soviets the farming was very monoculture factory based and a lot of the local breeds were near extinction.  Thanks to people like Paul there is a renaissance going on in the faming communities with local farmers raising grass fed organic beef, local breeds of pigs also farm not factory raised.... it's very exciting to see.
Much, much more later - I'm running to catch my train back to Berlin - but first lunch!

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