Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Train to Prague

I splurged (just a little) and booked a first class ticket on the train to Prague (allowing me lounge privileges), coffee and a variety of beverages and sakes are free, but Wifi is not.   The lounge at the Hauptbahnhof in Berlin is nice then the one at the airport!

It's an amazing station.  Great architecture.

This was very interesting to me - the only washroom for this entire station was a pay as you go situation.  1 Euro to use the toilet and 7 if youw anted to take a shower.

And then there was the food.  A vast array of selection, a lot of it looked great, this seafood place was fairly fancy.

 Herring and raw onion on a hero anyone?

While watching the scenery go by I decided to have lunch in the dining car.
Love this! The dinning car had a very dry and efficient waiter, and most of the food was cooked on a stove or prepared (assembled a la minute).

And the food was really pretty good - and reasonably priced.  Below was my tuna salad which cost 9.90 Euro

 Of course no trip to Prague is complete without a Pilsner Urquell!


Chris and Skip said...

Loving your travelogue! Skip is trying to convince me to go on a full-on winter vacation next Christmas somewhere with lots of snow and Prague it top of the list along with Budapest. So I'm paying especially close attention to what you're seeing in Prague.

Urban Food Guy said...

I tried my best to get as much covered here as I could - there was so much - I think you should listen to Skip - Prague especially is so rich in things to do and good food and, well, lots of other fun as well!

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