Friday, November 18, 2011

The Old Jewish Quarter in Prague

Above the grave of Rabbi Low who created the Golem (whose remains are said to be in the attic of the old new synagogue just down the street from the cemetery).
 Same grave different angle.


People leave coins and stick small notes with prayers on them into the old tombstone fragments.
Call me morbid, but I love a good old cemetery and this one was amazing. When you buy your ticket for the jewish quarter you have many options one ticket is for the 6 main sights, but not the old-new synagogue which you can buy a separate ticket for or buy the super deluxe ticket that includes it all - I didn't do that and ended up spending more to go back - it's about 25 USD and well worth it.

I'm not even jewish and i thought this was the most amazing part of Prague.  It is mind boggling to me that such a wealth of artifacts and architecture could have survived the war.

To the right when you exit is a small synagogue whose walls are entirely covered with very small hand written lettering of those lost in the holocaust.  I didn't take a tour so I'm not sure if these were members of this particular  shul or what, regardless it is a powerful image.


This is a series of images of the old-new synagogue which is the oldest active shul in the world it has been (with the exception of the war) active for 700 years.


Oddly enough my favorite shul was the Spanish Synagoge and I didn't get one picture.  The taking of pictures or videos is strictly prohibited and the thing that makes the  Spanish synagoge: "the most beautiful synagogue in the world" is it's painted moorish interior.  Breathtaking.

Yet another synagoge.
And lastly this beautiful apartment building - everywhere you walk there are beautiful reminders of the vibrant jewish community that once thrived here.

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