Monday, June 28, 2010

What's For Lunch?

Over at the Slow Foods USA's blog some California students are sharing what is being served in their cafeteria for lunch. Pictured above is warmed Cheetos with Melted Cheese - for real. This has to be an all time low.

I think it's hysterical that WikiAnswers makes a special point of letting you know that Cheetos are gluten free. That must be why they are serving them in school cafeterias so that all those poor kids with Celiac disease will have something to eat. Oh wait, um, there's no gluten in salad either...

Not one to leave any stone unturned here's the nutritional information on Cheez Whiz. It looks like melted Cheez Whiz, doesn't it?

And to end it all off Wired does a great break down of Easy Cheese the stuff you can spray - it comes in a can. My favorite use of Easy Cheese was by a drag queen in the late 90's in the East Village (I think it was Endive) who used to spray it on the audience, and I think she might have made fashionable little canapes with Ritz crackers (or Triscuits?) and Easy Cheese for the audience as well. It's hard to remember, it was late and well, it was at a club....

Of course Endive used Easy Cheese for its camp value (just the name makes me smile) and as an an amuse-bouche for her big song finale "Big Fat Drag Queen walking down the street..." (sung to the tune of Pretty Woman). Now that's cheesy.

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