Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eat Canadian

This is a very surprising and I think very cynical advertisement. It is very informative, but... the sugar in Hellmann's Canadian? How about the lemon juice? And the soybean oil, is that Canadian? And more importantly is it made with genetically modified soybeans? What was the process used to make the oil? What chemicals were used to create it? And how was the waste from this process disposed of?

Hellmanns,eh? No thanks I'll make my own, with local, free-running, farm raised eggs, organic apple cider vinegar, and Canadian organic canola oil from the prairies. I like to add a little of Mrs. McGarrigle's mustard to add kick.

Large American food corporations hiding behind some sense of righteousness to sell their product makes me furious.


Chris & Skip in AVL said...

Feelings about Hellman's industrialized product aside, this is a pretty persuasive and impressive ad. Pretty costly too. Maybe in this case it's ok to embrace the message, thank the messenger, but say "no thanks" to their product.

Skip makes our mayo—a batch a week—using eggs with super-yellow-orange yolks from East Fork Farms, a local farm owned by friends who raise organic chicken, lamb, and recently, rabbit!

But gotta admit that Dukes mayo is a guilty pleasure (locally est. 1917 in Greenville SC, 40 miles away) that's tightly coiled in my southern DNA. Dukes contains no sugar and is the only mayo you can put on what's considered an authentic tomato sandwich down south---white bread, Dukes, iceberg, salt, and pepper. Add bacon and call it dinner when it's too hot to cook.

Urban Food Guy said...

Yummy! I'm coming over for BLT right now! ;-)

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