Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Red Hook Community Farm

On my way from the F train station, just before I got to Ikea, I came across this huge, well... farm! Right in the middle of desolate Red Hook! The aptly named Red Hook Community Farm to be specific. It's run by a not for profit called Added Value to help train kids in the "logistics and pleasures of urban agriculture". Here is their description:

Red Hook Community Farm is a marvel that proves an agricultural oasis can sprout from the most unlikely of urban settings. The garden beds are located on what was formerly an asphalt playground in Red Hook, the heart of Brooklyn's old industrial waterfront. The operation is run by Added Value, a nonprofit that trains teens in the logistics (and pleasures) of urban agriculture, from planting seeds to making compost to selling the food. The organization's "farm-based learning programs" bring as many as 1,500 students to the farm during the school year, and both local restaurants and residents buy the farm's produce—more than 30 crops in all, including arugula, beets, okra, heirloom tomatoes, chard, beans, garlic and basil, not to mention cut flowers.

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