Monday, June 7, 2010

A Pictoral Food Tour of Bordeaux

Keep checking back to this page, uploading photos on WeeFee (as the French call it) in my hotel is a very, very slow thing. Tomorrow Neil and I go on a Gourmand tour of the Margaux region to eat too much canard and drink too much fine wine!

Much of this trip may end up being blogged about in NYC!

A Bordeaux style food cart.
The Amorino the best Gelato in Bordeaux with a dedication to using organic eggs and dairy. Oh so good and just around the corner form the hotel (not so good for the diabetic on a diet!)

This place had the freshest looking pan Asian take away in the greatest old shop.

Bio = Organic
French Humor:
This trip has been incredibly busy! Traveling with a spouse makes for less time for blogging!

Lots, lots more, but right now I'm running out the door to explore!

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