Friday, June 11, 2010

A Day at La Marche

Here is a photo tour of the largest farmers market in downtown Bordeaux Marche Capucins I loved it and immediately started fantasizing about what it would be like to live near by! If only I spoke French!
We were very lucky to be in Bordeaux during white Asparagus season! Yummy!

The preferred lettuce for salads in this part of France are soft buttery ones of every color and shapeI went to this market twice, the first time I didn't take pictures I just wandered around and bought groceries to take with us to the beach house in Arcachon. The second time I went I did a stealth picture taking tour of the market and was shocked at the attitude I got from the vendors, the woman at this cheese stall was particularly withering in her stare "Bonjour" she says to me in a glacial "what the fuck do you think your doing way" I cheerily answered with an oblivious "Bonjour ca va?" which only made her more peeved. She did however have the best cheese place in the market and the day I was shopping the young man behind the counter couldn't have been nicer. She was by no means the only person that had this response to me photographer there wares, she just won the most disdainful award.

Love the packaging on these organic eggs.
This was the only stall dedication to organic produce, they had some wonderful stuff that was as far as I could tell very competitively priced.
What seem to me to be the most popular two meats in France, Canard et Lapin (Duck and Rabbit). Please note how the duck still has it's head in tact and the Rabbit is sold with I think it's liver.

Oh and did I mention pork? French food seems to be an ongoing celebration of lardon!

A small well curated and fairly local selection of fish was also available.
I wish we could buy wine at every grocery store or market! It's also worth noting that there are several bar/cafes in the market and it seems perfectly acceptable to have a pre-shopping morning glass of white or beer to help motivate you to get your groceries!This shop is just a little down the street from the market

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Chris & Skip in AVL said...

I really have enjoyed these market shots, have come back to them a couple of times. Skip and I always find the markets first when we travel... Often torturing ourselves with the unattainable potential! But it's key to my ongoing understanding of cultures and what they eat.


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