Monday, June 14, 2010

Dragon Rising

Yesterday walking down Orchard street I noticed a new restaurant preparing to open, when I got closer I was so psyched to see it was my favorite late night taco shack Snack Dragon! Years ago I used to stop in at Snack Dragon when it as literally a little hut outside of a bodega on Avenue B. Since they moved to a little whole in the wall space on East 4th and B. The taco business must be good as this fun, funky, retro, style late night Tex Mex is now expanding to their biggest space yet at 164 Orchard street today is their opening - so mazel toz! (that seems to be the appropriate Lower East Side thing to say ;-)) Don't forget to wash down your Fish Taco and Nacharitos with a nice cold can of Fresca.

These were taken a few days ago, everyone was running around putting the last touches on everything to get ready for there big opening. I 'm heading out now to have a little pre-drinks snack.

It was funny the guy who was putting up the sign saw I was wearing my City Lights Bookstore
t-shirt from San Francisco only he didn't know it was a book store and pointed at it and asked me:

What's that?

I told me and he gave me his lime green pen which has some writing on , but because I didn't have my glasses on could make out what it said. Then he says to me:

You should come by and check it out.

I nodded and as I walked down the street reached for my glasses to see what the pen said.

It was for the City Light Church in the East Village.

I guess he figured a bookstore by the same name must be a religious bookstore. I'm sure Lawrence Ferlinghetti is rolling over in his grave!

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