Sunday, June 13, 2010


These little treats are Caneles, which are somewhat of an obsession in Bordeaux. If you wanted to spend 40 or 60 Euro you could even buy your own copper Canele molds. I was almost tempted, but realized that I would get them home and maybe make them once then relegate them to the back of a drawer to collect dust. Also something about copper molds is just a little too fancy for my style of cooking. Anyway caneles comes in different flavors, but the traditional ones I tasted were redolent of burnt sugar, caramel and rum and the cake had a crumpet like quality only not as rubbery and baked into these wonderful little cakes in this adorable shape.

I'm thinking of trying to make them at home in just a regular pan - but first I have to perfect my Kouign Amann!

Just in case you are in a hurry to try them here is a recipe from the Food Network and not to worry you don't need the molds (muffin tins work fine).

This is my final posting from my week long trip to Bordeaux and Paris, Au Revoir for now!

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BaoPhac Do said...

There's a Kouign Amann named bakery here in Montreal that sells that pastry. They also have the 2nd best croissant in Montreal IMHO.

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