Friday, June 25, 2010

Unicorn Meat

Love this. Some people with a sense of humor have repackaged a spam tin with the obviously satirical "Unicorn Meat" with lines like: Caviar is so 1980s. Unicorn is the sparkling, crunchy, savory meat of today's elite but unfortunately they also used the line:

Pâté is passé. Unicorn - the new white meat.

Which the Pork marketing board isn't happy about.

I've seen several posting about it in the blogosphere, but this is the first time I've seen the chart above which I found over at where you should go and read their article "Big Pork squeals over unicorn-meat marketing" could our world get any wackier?

My favorite part of the Unicorn is the "superglue" loin. This seemed an appropriate posting for gay pride weekend.

Hurry to order yours now, limited time availability before the Pork Industry shuts it down - order now!

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