Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two Guys From Woodbridge: Red Orach?

The new kids at the market this year are actually not kids, they are 2 Guys From Woodbridge and they sell beautiful, organic, hydroponically grown greens. I was particularly taken by the Red Orach something I had never seen before, also know as French spinach or mountain spinach. I used it in a salad and found it to have a very mild flavor. I think it would be best used as an accent with other greens, for example as part of a mesclun mix. Speaking of which 2 Guys sell a wonderful bouquet like bunch of mesclun, all with there root stems intact, almost like a bouquet of flowers. It doesn't get fresher than this! I'm also interested in steaming Red Orach and treating it like cooked spinach, adding some butter, garlic and lemon juice to it. What could be bad? It also is suggested that the Orach is good mixed with my favorite green sorrel to add balance. I have to try it again as everything I read about it says it is salty, but I don't recall it being so salty? Anyway something new for your plate.

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