Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New York Beef Co. Brings Kosher Cow Now to Union Square Greenmarket

You have to love the internet, I typed in "kosher cow" then clicked images, this was the second image to appear.

Monday at the Union Square market I notice the New York Beef company had a little sign up saying" We now carry Kosher Beef! This is indeed good news as several of my friends who keep kosher bemoan the fact that it has been impossible for them to find a good local source of kosher beef.

The beef is 100% grass fed and raised in upstate New York and the best news is that the New York Beef company is at the market Monday, Wednesday and Friday so you have lots of opportunities to stop by and pick up your order. The downside of course like all kosher meat it is not cheap at all. 2 lbs of ground meat is $23.50 if you buy it online, I'm assuming that it is the same at the market, only at the market you save any shipping cost.

Non Kosher ground beef if you buy 20 pounds of it costs $170 which works out to be $8.50 a pound so that's $17 for 2 pounds so actually the difference isn't so bad it's an additional $3.25 a pound for the kosher version - all things considered that is a very good price for such a high quality local protein.

If you keep kosher please make sure you support the New York Beef company the more people show shop there the greater the likelihood that other farmers will start having their goods certified Kosher as well. Wouldn't it be great to be able to buy kosher Duck, Chicken and Bison at the market as well?

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