Thursday, June 17, 2010

Menu du Jour

When I got home from France I had a moment of inspiration and energy and decided to rethink and reorganize our kitchen. The first thing I did was paint a small wall in the kitchen with chalk board paint so that I could write menus on it. This is the menu that greeted Neil when he got home. I have to get some colored chalk, but it looks good, right? I love it!

Sozzel is an amazing runny little button of joy cheese that is an invention of the folks over at Saxelby Cheese at the Essex Street Market I highly recommend you run out and get some today! Also not mentioned on the board is the whole wheat focaccia with sea salt and rosemary I made as a platform for the cheese.
Why are potatoes so good? I threw in a half dozen whole garlic cloves with the potatoes and roasted them all up together with a little olive oil (425 for about 40 minutes for about 11/2 pounds of Yukon gold potatoes), once out of the oven I sprinkled chopped rosemary and salt over them. So simple and so delicious!
Mostly the balsamic glaze was on the red leaf butter lettuce, the tuna was briefly seared ina dry pan after marinating in olive oil and lemon juice, slat and pepper for about 40 minutes. 2 minutes max on each side. I rarely buy Tuna these days (it's a sustainability issue for me - we need to eat smaller fish and give the big ones a chance to recover), but I used to make this dish all the time when Neil and I lived on Second Avenue. I bought this Tuna, which is Yellowfin, and line caught off the coast of Montauk at the green market. It was late afternoon and the fish monger was packing up and had a sale on it, how could I resist?

This is a perfect easy Summer supper and as long as you buy local caught Tuna - Yellowfin (any kind really other than Bluefin) it's a great treat and a good option for meat eaters (given you aren't one, but you eat fish).
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