Monday, March 14, 2011

South of Delancey

As full of great restaurants as the Lower East Side is they tend to cluster, Allen street south of Delancey has staid steadfastly old neighborhood until recently, in November I wrote about the new coffee/cafe Berkli Parc.  The first trail blazer on Allen south of Delancey was Sorella a warm, woody Piedmontese wine bar/restaurant that does some seriously tasty takes on Italian classics (with an emphasis on seasonal and local foods).  Have opened up right next store: Stellina a bright, modern Gelato and espresso cafe. Sometime tells me that all the Chinese sign making places and kitchen supply stores are going to be slowly replaced with trendy cafes and art galleries it seems to be the trend these days down here on the Lower East Side.  You might want to call or email the folks at Sorella before you stop by as they don't have a website yet and it still looks to me like they are not yet open.

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