Friday, March 4, 2011

Tim De Christopher

This guy is my hero.  How an act of civil disobedience can get you a jail sentence of up to 10 years is mind boggling to me.   Check out the back story of this brave, smart, articulate climate activist here and here

Then watch the video and be in awe of this guys calm and strength as he faces serious jail time for clogging up the gears of an auction that was later found to be illegal by the Obama administration, here's the summary from Grist:

As a busy graduate economics student at the University of Utah, DeChristopher hadn’t planned what he was going to do that day when he arrived directly after a class. The auctioneers asked if he would like to be a bidder. Thinking on his feet, he said, “Yes, I would.”

Handed bidder paddle number 70, DeChristopher began bidding as soon as the auction opened. He bought more than a dozen parcels and drove up the prices of others before being stopped by a federal agent. His “purchase” totaled 22,500 acres, and effectively put a halt to the 11th-hour leases and subsequent drilling.

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