Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Double "D": Doughnut Plant and Dora Coffee

This is a Cortado my favorite new coffee drink that somehow even though I've one or two before it was a Barista at Dora Coffee who made me fall in love.  The first one I had was over ice, it was so good with a luscious caramel aftertaste, but now I drink it hot as well.  For those of you who aren't lucky enough to live near a serious coffee shop a Cortado is, according to CoffeeGeek. com is:
2 ounce espresso and 2 ounces of frothed milk served in a four ounce demi-tasse cup.  

And the visiting temporary Barista who made me this particular Cortado was horrified that I was taking a picture of it as she felt her "latte art" wasn't up to par, I think it's pretty and for me it's more about the taste, which was stupendous.  

Dora has a nice selection of sandwiches and sweets (peanut butter and Jelly on Balthazar brioche buns, yummy!)  but sometimes you just want a doughnut and with the best ones in town just around the corner I walked by this past Saturday with the idea of treating myself.

There is always a line up on the weekends, but this was an all time Doughnut Plant winner!  Someone in line said that the wait was 45 minutes!  You might want to think about going during the week when usually there is no line.  And don't forget that coffee and doughnuts make a great pairing!

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Kurt Brown said...

Gosh I miss the blueberry cake donuts at Donut Plant!

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