Sunday, January 16, 2011

Xocodiva and Organic Super Foods: The Last of Puerto Vallarta

Maybe it's all the snow and cold here in NYC, but I can't seem to get the sun and the beach in Puerto Vallarta out of my mind.  The thing that really makes Puerto Vallarta so great is that when you have had enough of the beach there is so much to do and such a vibrant food culture.  I did a big posting when I was there on the farmers market which is amazing and sells a large variety of produce and food stuffs so it's good for people who have a kitchen and for those who only have a mini bar fridge. 
The two gals (Charlotte left and Carol right) who spearheaded the farmers markets also own and run the best artisanal chocolate shop in town Xocodiva.  An amazing place with a large selection of truffles, several in Mexican themes, chili pepper and margarita come to mind.  I loved the dark chocolate almond bark and the fact that if you wanted to linger over coffee and a few chocolates there is a sweet (sorry couldn't help myself) little cafe area up front.  It didn't hurt that Xocodiva was on my route home, but even if it's on the other side of town from you if you are in Puerto Vallarta you have to make a trip to this amazing chocolate shop and stock up for your stay!

Organic Superfoods I wrote about last year, but neglected to post their vital info (another Margarita, Mark?) but now they have a website so just click on the name and it's all there.  Located in the heart of old Puerto Vallarta on 509 Venustuan Carranza Organic Superfoods are the best organic grocery store in PV.  MY favorite item is their flax seed tostadas which I use as crackers for everything from cheese to guacamole. 

Local organic produce is hard to find so the people at Organic Superfoods have leased a farm and will, in several months time, be providing a large selection of fruit, lettuces and eggs from their very own farm!  Very exiting.  I can't wait to go back.

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