Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tuck Shop

It's funny how you walk by a place a million times and never really see it, or you see it and for what ever reason you have no urge to go in and check it out?  The Tuck Shop on First Street has been like that for me, until a few days ago when I was walking by, starving and looking for a place to eat , all of a sudden the idea of a meat pie seemed like the perfect snowy winter's day meal so I went in and am I ever glad I did! Not only did I go in I went back the next day.   This is an Australian place that specializes in meat pies, which is a bit of a misnomer s they do have non meat pies, like the one below which was a mushroom and prawn pie redolent of garlic and fresh out of the oven.  At $6 you can't beat the price, if you want more of a meal for an additional $4 you can have a side of Coleslaw, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Scallop Potatoes or a Pea Floater (I should have asked what that is).  The pastry the envelops the pies is thin, crispy, perfection.  The first day I had a lamb and veg pie that was a very meaty lamb stew baked in pastry, filling, tasty and exactly what I was looking for.  Vegetarians need not despair as a Vegetable pie is on the menu.
 The pie warmer.

 The open kitchen.
 Besides soda, good coffee, wine and a unique selection of Australian beer is also available.

Indeed 2011 is going to be my year of the pie now that I have discovered the Tuck Shop, which has also opened up a bigger place at 115 St Marks between Avenue A and First Avenue.  The place at 68 First street where I have gone seems more geared towards take away with  l2 maybe 3 small tables and a few stools at the bar to eat at. The staff are very friendly and generous and I really like how the kitchen staff and the front of house guy help each other out and both help with the service.  They also are very good about offering a taste of the homemade ginger beer or giving out small classic beef "party pies" to try.  In a way it's the sitting at the kitchen counter feel of the places that adds so much to it's appeal, try Aussie hospitality.

Next time you are in the East Village treat yourself to the "great Aussie bite" and stop into the Tuck Shop.

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