Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Colleen's Breakfast: Puerto Vallarta

I just posted about my amazing breakfast experience in San Francisco so it's only fair I should post about my favorite one in Puerto Vallarta:  Colleen's Breakfast Cafe.  Colleen is a gal from Edmonton who has moved to Mexico to escape the cold and set up a little breakfast cafe in a restaurant that at night is called The Swedes (a lovely 2 level affair, have drinks upstairs and dinner down, the focus is of course Swedish food, don't ask questions just go, it was one of the best meals of my trip).  Colleen won my heart the first time I met her when she went on a toot about how she hated raisins in her cinnamon rolls.  Neil has been telling me for the 24 years we have been together the same thing, so the first place I took Neil when he arrived was Colleen's where she makes amazing cinnamon roll french toast from her own house with no raisins.
Above is the room during the day.  It's one flight up in this cute little building on a hill.
We always sat by the window, leisurely sipping coffee and watching the street come alive as you finish off your last mouthful of banana bread french toast.  Also house made.  My favorite thing at Colleen's were the Chilaquiles.

Below are some not so great pictures taken in the same space at night when it is transformed into The Swedes, where a predominately gay male clientele packs the place.
Swedish Meatballs in Mexico? Try them, you'll like them!


Puerto Vallarta Info, News and Events said...

I used to eat at her other restaurant at La Terraza Inn in Vallarta, since she moved, she kind of fell off my breakfast radar, so thanks for the reminder. If you ever get to Vallarta again, contact me, I will show you a few hidden gems!

garyrbeck said...

I concur about Colleen. I have known her via her brekkies as she has roamed PV's SouthSide. She is cool and her food is marvelous. On an aside, how did you deal with Bobby and Paula both of whom I find so totally obnoxious on their shows, an immediate channel changer?

Urban Food Guy said...

Hey thanks for the comments! I will for sure be back PV info, news and events and I'm always up for discovering hidden gems!

Gary r beck - I was working in the Kitchen so my interaction with Paula and Bobby was minimal, but the interactions I did have were very positive so guess I got lucky!

Daniel said...


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