Monday, January 3, 2011

Vegan Tuna Melt: In San Francsico Anything is Possible

I'm not sure how you can make a Tuna melt without the Tuna, but I'm glad someone is trying.  That's the thing about San Francisco:  when it comes to food it's all here.  From Vegan Tuna Melts to Nicaraguan Seafood places...
Hell, they even have unicorns (but thankfully not on the menu).
My very first trip to San Francisco was in December of 1986.  I was in Los Angeles working on a play at the Mark Taper Forum.  It was Christmas and we had some time off, so I bought a ticket and took a Greyhound bus north to see the fabled city of San Francisco.  One of the amazing things about San Francisco is that as much as it changes it stays the same.  The diner just around the corner from the Castro that I went to is still there and so is Castro Village Wine where I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to pick out two bottles of wine for the director and playwright I was working for.  I knew nothing about wine; all I knew was how much I was able to spend and that I wanted my dollar to get the best bottle I could find.  Years later Neil started coming to San Francisco for work and remembered my story about this wine shop and now every time he visits he buys a bottle to bring home.  For years now he has been buying T Vine, a small vineyard that has wonderful wine labels that over the years have documented the life not only of the wine but of the wine makers.  It's nearly impossible to find in NYC so the next time you are in SF go to the Castro and visit Castro Village Wine Company. 
Today I arrived in San Diego (the first time I've ever been here) and hope that in the next couple of days I will be able to get caught up on San Francisco and yet still more on Puerto Vallarta.

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