Saturday, January 28, 2012


This is my friend David who I went to Walden with this past Thursday and below is the very beautiful and insanely delicious bowl of Cauliflower soup he had:
Smooth, rich, light intensely flavored Cauliflower soup with brown butter, brioche croutons and fried Sage. I had an almost equally delicious watercress, beet and sunchoke salad and to snack on when we first got our bottle of wine ($29 for a nice red vin du table).  To get us started we shared a home made pretzel served with honey mustard, it wasn't in a traditional pretzel shape but it didn't matter it was delicious!

Walden is the kind of local, corner farm to table bistro that every neighborhood should have.  I loved it so much it made me have fanatises of moving so I could be closer.     
My pictures suck,  I hate using a flash so to get a better view of the place check out their website.
The two mains we had were: Hake served on a ragout of tomatoes and olives which was very flavorful and amazingly only $11!  I had a Cassoulet $16) which was the least successful of all the dishes we had, the beans were perfectly cooked and the Duck rich and unctuous but it was dry, and the generous amount of bread crumbs it was topped with made you cry out for some more rich tomato sauce which is typical in the cassoulet's I have made or eaten before.

For dessert we had home made chocolate chip cookies (4) which are baked while you wait - yummy.
A short walk from the Lorimer L train stop Walden is a CASH ONLY restaurant that is well worth the trip.  The room is simple and comfortable and the service was friendly and attentive.  I can't wait to go back.  They don't take reservations, so we went early but didn't really need to as the place was empty it wasn't until about 8:30 that people started to come in.  They also have a lovely bar which would be a fine place to while away an evening eating small plates and sipping delicious and very reasonably priced wine.

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David is cuteful. :)

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