Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flan Impossible!

So I have been a little obsessed with this Flan Impossible since I saw the recipe.  It turned out great, but I have some reservations about the use of condensed milk and sweetened condensed milk in the flan part.  Couldn't I use cream and sugar?  So look for my version in the coming weeks.

The recipe calls for the milk/egg mixture to be blended but I used a whisk and it was fine.
The cajeta is supposed to be spread on the sides and bottom of the pan which is buttered mine kept sliding off the side and into the bottom so when you add the chocolate batter it was basically sitting in a puddle of Cajeta - it all worked fine.
 The cake is supposed to be loosely covered in foil.  I tried but..
 Some of it stuck to the cake.  I'm not sure it's needed but if you use it be careful, although in the end the cake worked out fine.
 This is a great fairly easy cake that will wow your friends.

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