Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Foley Square: Farmers Against Monsanto Rally

Here are some pictures from this mornings rally sponsored by OSGATA (Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association) in front of the court house on Foley Square, where oral arguments have started in a case against Monsanto.
Simply put OSGATA and farmers  are trying to prevent Monsanto from harassing them with lawsuits if one of their (Monsanto) seeds has blow over the fence and taken root in a non Monsanto field.  Monsanto seeds are deeply problematic (on many levels but...), especially if you are trying to grow organic and your neighbor has thousands of acres of GMO corn, soy, sugar beets, etc.  Wind, birds and nature in general is not propriety and doesn't understand that Monsanto "owns" nature now.  Basically it's the largest intimidation scheme in the history of the planet to ensure a monopoly for Monsanto: grow our seeds or we will sue you, because we found one plant in your field that is ours,  means you are stealing (untrue and what was Monsanto doing in that farmers field  - trespassing?) doesn't matter how it got there - we don't care we are suing you.
So today we were in Foley square encouraging the justices in the court house to do the right thing by farmers and the planet and put Monsanto in it's place.

Cards were handed out of Monsanto's history.  Highlights include Sacharine, Agent Orange (along with Dow Chemical) and GMO's Damn they sure have been busy!

 The crowd - I'd say maybe 75 people?

Funny I guess farmers don't pose much of a threat we were there for a good half hour before any police showed up.
 Some of the many signs:

The new Frank Gehry apartment building loomed over the proceedings. The 1 percent always get the good views!

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