Thursday, January 5, 2012

Japadog Opens in the East Village

Started as food cart in Vancouver Japadog is preparing for world dominance!    As the name suggests Japadog is a uniquely Japanese take on hot dogs.  I could never eat at the cart near my hotel in Vancouver because the lines were always too foreboding.  They now have 4 carts and one store in Vancouver and as of today a place in NYC in Japan Town aka The East Village.  They have chosen a very auspicious (well at least to me) space (30 St Marks Place between 2nd and 3rd Avenue) as it was for many, many years the location of Go Sushi where I ate many times over the years and was one of the first, big (ish) Sushi places in the East Village (I think it must have opened in the late 80's but don't quote me on that).  At that point there was maybe 3 or 4 places in all of the East Village to get good not so expensive Sushi - two of which are still there Hasaki and Natori.
My suggestion is go early if it is anywhere near as popular as the one in Vancouver it will be mobbed!

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