Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Golden Russet Apples

A few weeks back I was at the market buying apples: The Winter Fruit.  I had bought two different kinds Crispins and Baldwin - I was about to  eat a Baldwin after paying and the farmer said: Don't eat that one - try this.  And went over and picked up a Golden Russet from a crate that was sitting on a table amongst the dozen or so varieties he was selling.

I'd seen these apples before but never given them much thought, in part because of the way they look, the skin is pear like, think Bosc, and the word Golden made me think that it was some sort of cross between golden delicious and something else.  I am not a big fan of delicious apples and admittedly I like and have always eaten green or red apples - or some variation thereof.

Not wanting to be rude I took the apple and bit into as I walked away thanking the farming for the free apple.  Golden Russets are a revelation!  They have a very distinction flavor and texture and do sort of remind me of Asian pears only sweeter and with a more intense flavor.

So this week when I went to buy apples I hunted down this vendor (Red Jacket Orchards) and bought I bunch of these delicious heirloom fruits.  

Of unclear origins they are thought to have been discovered growing in New York State in the 19th century.  The website orangepippin has a ton more information if you want to have an apple nerd out.

For sure I am going to use these apple for cooking and eating through out the season.   Next time you are at the market look around - these days more and more varieties are available, and these are worth the  effort.

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