Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nerd Moment

So I was reading an announcement today for a new sustainable Southern Cooking restaurant that is opening today on Avenue C called Bobwhite Counter which looks really good I'm really excited to go try it out.

Years ago I used to have a Southeast Asian import store called Lao Lao Handmade on Avenue C.  I was a bit ahead of the curve in my excitement for the potential of Avenue C so it is good to see it is evolving into a really interesting (and busy) food street (it use to be mostly just a drinking destination).

On their website Bobwhite Counter has a great introductory "about us" type essay which ends with the phrase:

"...and maybe even a few coveys of Quails"

A what?  Coveys?  At first I thought it was typo - given my own predilection for typos I automatically assume everyone else has the same issue - but no!  Coveys (KUHV ee)  is actually a real word which  means: A flock or group of Quails.

There you go, your nerd moment for the day.

Now you know where I am going for lunch!
So cute and so tasty!

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