Friday, May 6, 2011

Festival of Idea's StreetFest and the opening of this years Hester Street Fair TOMORROW!

What a busy weekend of food events here on the Lower East Side! 

As I posted about a few weeks ago May 7 is the opening of the Hester Street Fair and the New Museum's StreetFest.  The StreetFest  starts at 11am and goes to 7pm and will take place around the corner from the Museum between Chrystie and Forsyth streets in the Sara D Roosevelt boulevard park south of Houston with food, demonstrations, conversations and so much more go to their site and plan your visit! 

In collaboration with The New Museum Hester Street Fair has it's opening day ceremonies and  the first ever Lower FEAST Side Food Festival.  Not to worry all your favorite non food vendors will be there as well.  The Hester Street Fair takes place at end of Hester street on the east side of Essex street here on the Lower East Side.  The Hester Street fair starts at 11 am but ends by 6pm.

My recommendation is you take the F train to East Broadway walk half a block and start your day at the Hester Street Fair and work your way north to the the StreetFest, keeping in mind that Bowery will also be alive with art happenings, galleries and other interesting, arty activities.  

Get a good nights sleep and wear comfortable shoes!

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