Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brooklyn Kitchen's Spring Sale.

This is bad of me because I believe the sale ends today.  My friend Michael and I went out yesterday and were blown away by all the great kitchen gear, the extensive canning selection, great cookbooks and a bustling crowd. 

Of course you don't need a sale to go to this amazing store, they offer a full calender of wonderful courses in their 3 fully equipped class rooms and an amazing butcher shop: The Meat Hook which specializes in unusual items. like for example yesterday a couple was sitting in the middle of the store at a retro table in front of the meat counter being served braised rabbit heads....
They smelled delicious!
On the wall as you enter is an area to post your food centric singles add, I thought this was a great , fun community service. There is an space to talk about what you will cook an an enticement to your perspective date, love that.

One of my favorite things about Brooklyn Kitchen is how they sell vintage kitchen gear along side the new.  I was also surprised to see that the makers of all my cast iron frying pans, Lodge Cast Iron is now making a much cheaper version of the enameled cast iron that Le Creuset has made famous.  Maye favorite is still Staub.  Not cheap, but unlike Le Creuset it comes with lids that don't melt at 350 F.
Lots and lots of canning supplies, get 'em while they last!

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