Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Local Organic Sunflower Oil

Local organic cooking oil from upstate New York, how exciting is that?   

Cayuga Pure Organics are the farmers I buy flour, oat groats (for home made digestive biscuits) and dried beans from.  Today when I stopped by their stand at the Union Square Green Market to buy some whole wheat bread flour and saw they were now making and selling Sunflower Oil I was ecstatic!  It marks the first time in my 12 or so years of green market shopping I have ever seen  a local cooking oil.  A 16 ounce bottle retails for $10. 

It tastes great on salads and is good for cooking even at high temperature. 

As someone with locavore aspirations it is truly exciting to see a high quality locally grown and made cooking oil, it's a first.  Mostly I buy Olive Oil or German sunflower seed oil, now I have a local alternative of high quality and good flavor, can't wait to see this showing up on restaurant menus. 

The people are Cayuga are very clever and understand what cooks who are concerned about being sustainable, local and making as light a foot print as possible want.  Two staples that have been near to impossible, until recently, to find where: good locally grown wheat and cooking oil.  And thanks to Cayuga we now have both.  Now if only we could figure out a local substitute for sugar..

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