Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blue Bottle Coffee Brooklyn

 Blue Bottle Coffee has an enormous roasting plant/cafe in Williamsburg at 160 Berry Street.  I love their coffee, drip coffee is made to order, you select the beans you want used and the barista grinds them then makes you your very own fresh brewed cup of coffee.  Mine cost $2.75 the price changes depending on the beans.  Certainly some of the best drip coffee I've ever had. 
Everything about the Brooklyn outpost of this San Francisco company wreaks of craft, a commitment to locally sourced, quality, hand made products.  Even though I have been many times before this time I was struck by the baked goods.  In particular the Brooklyn Bootleg S'Mores caught my attention. Homemade graham crackers, Mast Brothers Chocolate (whose bean to bar chocolate factory/store is just around the corner) and home made marshmallows made with artisanal moonshine (bourbon?) distilled in Brooklyn at the Kings County Distillery.
Every item them sell has some ingredient from Brooklyn, even if it is an olive oil that is imported by a Brooklyn company it shows an incredible commitment to quality locally sourced ingredients. 
Funny I didn't even notice if they served savory food?  Guess I'll  have to go back.
Oh and just to end on a coffee note they also cold brew coffee, which if I remember right they use as their iced coffee - the cold brew set up is very elaborate, almost looks like an art installation.  Cold brewed coffee also has the benefit of being more caffineated then hot brewed.  And did I mention they roast all their own beans on premises in small batches?

So if you are in Williamsburg or SF definitely check go visit, you will be glad you did.

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