Sunday, May 8, 2011

Festival Fun

Wouldn't it just make sense that the battery on my camera would die in the middle of my photo frenzy.  Yesterday the Lower East Side was alive with festival goers, foodies and fun seekers!  And there certain was enough on offer to make everyone happy.  

Here is what I was able to capture before the camera died:
At The New Museum's Street Fest, the only picture I got of the StreetFest before my camera fail:
On East Broadway just around the corner from my apartment, on the way to the Hester Street Fair the amazing Jen n' Outlaw's Fish Fry Truck was parked. This is one of the most serious food trucks I've seen, it has a full kitchen and a seating area!  The Crawfish looked awesome.
 The Crawfish looked awesome.
I've never seen the Fair so packed.   Lots of new vendors this year.
 Sigmund Pretzels - yum.  Check out there space on Avenue A during the week.
 Melt Bakery is back this year with there to die for ice cream sandwiches.
 The entertainment.
Doggies treats.
Luke's Lobster is back again this year, they really have expanded so much since they opened only a few years back, they started out with a small store front in the East Village now they have 4 locations and a food truck!  I for one am glad they are spreading the love, their lobster roll is my favorite and I love the spicy sweet potato and crab soup, it's the best thing to eat on a cold winters day for lunch!
I was really glad to see my friends at Cheeky's Sandwiches, the best sandwich maker on the Lower East Side are now serving up their yummy New Orleans inspired goodness at the Fair.
 Bacon Studded Brownie, what else needs to be said?
 Kings County had a nice selection of home made beef jerky on sale.

It's always good to end with something sweet.

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Kurt Brown said...

Mark, you didn't include the traditional photo for me in this set. I'll assume it was just a technical glitch ;)

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