Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet Franklin

Crest Hardware in Williamsburg is my favorite old style large hardware store in New York.  Last year they e expanded and added a huge wonderful garden center out back.  This year, they have a new addition: Franklin the pet pig.  He is, I believe, the managers pet and isn't at the store every day but does come to work most days. Franklin is a miniature pot belly, they have made a lovely enclosure for him at the far end of the  garden center, but the day I was there he was not having the enclosure at all he was very cleverly determined to be free! So he was let out to wander amongst the potted plants.  Once out he was very calm, and stayed close to home sniffing about and socializing with visitors.

Although it is hard to tell from this picture Franklin wears a harness, he's around 6 months old and has started taking to the idea of being walked, although at first wasn't keen on the idea.  Apparently when not at  his country residence at the garden center Franklin has an apartment in Brooklyn he lives in.

Apparently pet pigs are becoming more popular and after meeting Franklin I can certainly see why. 

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Kurt Brown said...

* adds "Meet Franklin" to "list of things to do in NYC in August" *

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