Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Green Man on the J Train

It was sweltering hot on Sunday. I was coming home from running a quick errand in Williamsburg.  The minute I got on the train I saw this guy totally dressed up in green gear with large boots, a mask and a hat sitting on the train.  He looked like one of the guys from the Blue Man group (only... well... green).

No one seemed to even notice him.  He did however notice me when I took his picture - I felt bad for not asking, but then I thought, he must be doing some sort of performance/installation art or something otherwise why would he be dressed like this all painted green riding the MTA?

The New York subways are many things, but boring isn't one of them.


Chris and Skip said...

Wow! What's in his hands? Looks like knitting needles and yarn. Hard to contemplate that kind of outfit on a 90+ degree day like today. Total dedication to his art, or lack of medication to his illness.

Urban Food Guy said...

It was some weird walkie talkie thingy...yeah I can only imagine it was his thesis art project or something - at least he was on an air conditioned train!

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