Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whole Foods Boycott Update

The web is a buzz with articles on the Whole Foods boycott with seemingly everyone weighing in on the issue.

This morning I read an article over at Huffington Post at the end of which is a survey asking people how they feel 58% said: "I'm outraged and not shopping there again." My sentiments exactly.

The NYT Opinonator does a nice job of fulfilling it's mandate of gathering diverse opinions from hither and yon. My favorite opinonator quote comes from Ben Wyskida over at, again, Huffington Post, who said:

the bottom line for me, reading Mackey’s op-ed, is that by shopping at Whole Foods I’m giving money to a Republican and I am supporting by proxy a donation to the RNC and to health scare front groups like Patients First. I don’t give money to Republicans, so I will have to cross Whole Foods off my list.

The boycott Whole Foods Facebook page has reached a whopping 11,000 members and counting.

Over at The Atlantic Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish highlights a new book by Lawrence Glickman called: Buying Power: The History of Consumer Activism in America

Personally, I think that the board of directors of the publicly owned Whole Foods should ask for Mr. Mackey's resignation.

In the mean time I've realized how unnecessary Whole Foods is.

We're members of a CSA which provides us more greens than we can eat, I get my coffee from Crop to Cup, the green markets are my mainstay for fruits, vegetables, fish and occasionally even cheese. Sometimes I think I should buy a share in Saxelby Cheese I shop there so much. I buy my spices at Dual, my flour locally at Cayuga Organics and sugar, cereal and other sundries at Commodities. Making a pilgrimage every so often to the Chelsea Market to check out my favorite Boun Italia.

Buying good things and supporting local business, makes me wonder what I ever saw in Whole Foods in the first place?

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