Friday, August 28, 2009

The Ferry Building: San Francisco Food Heaven

Think of this as poorly made low budget food porn. The Ferry Building in San Francisco is a food lovers dream come true. A mix of farmers market, food stores and restaurants.

The city has a commitment to supporting local businesses, even in the airport you will find no chain food. The Ferry Building is a perfect reflection of this commitment as it pertains to all things food.

Organic is prized above all else and most of the markets here are all organic. These videos present a quick stroll that starts outside at the farmers market starting with the food vendors, an amazing array of people who do wonderful crazy things like make a portable wood burning pizza oven which they have haul to market to sell artisanal pizzas, Tacos, sorbet, smoked fish sandwiches, the quality and choice is over whelming.

The second half of the market is the produce section, with one exception all of it is organic and gloriously beautiful, the video ends in an orgy of heirloom tomatoes.

I particularly like the snippets of conversation, the beautiful people, the trumpet and the church bells, it makes up for my rather uneven, hurried, camera work.

The last video is of the inside of the Ferry Building which is beautifully restored and so well curated I felt like I was in a food art gallery, ever shop and restaurant a perfect representation of what ever it was they were selling - seafood or olive oil - hamburgers or crab boil. Again even the hamburger joint is all about supporting local farmers, grass fed beef, quality cheese, home made bread, etc.

From what I saw, although not cheap, the prices were well within reason and what you were getting was a kind of consistent quality from shop to shop, cafe to cafe, that I have never seen any where else in the world.

To live in San Francisco is to be a gourmand. Living in Berkeley is what dying and going to heaven must be like.

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