Wednesday, August 19, 2009

United Airlines Breaks Guitars: The Sequel

This guy is so damned charming and this video is really quite elaborate! I can't believe at this point United isn't tripping over themselves to give him money. Of course common sense or good management have never been hall marks of United.

Don't most airlines have a $500 maximum baggage replacement cap? What do you do if you have a valuable guitar that cost more then $500, but because it won't fit in the over head bin you can't take it on board. It' s a conundrum, I know: musicians shouldn't fly!

It also seems to me that if you have a plane full of people who actually witness the baggage handlers purposefully breaking your stuff that it would qualify as an exception.
Good business practices and public relations would seem to dictate...

I hope their association with Continental, which starts October 27th, will have a good influence on them, actually what I hope is that they will merge and United will fly into the sunset never to be heard from again.

(If you saw this post when I first put it up I had a dyslexic moment and called United - Un-tied Oops, but kind of funny and apropos at the same time ;-)0

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