Saturday, August 15, 2009

Boycott Whole Foods. "Deceived Progressives" Not Happy

It's nice to see that people are really getting behind this. I have been a big, if critical supporter of Whole Foods, but last year when I started to have questions about their selling of Cod that I realized they were really willing to avoid answering uncomfortable questions and purposefully deceiving customers by making them think that all their fish was certified as MSC approved. When I wrote the MSC to ask them about Cod and certification and Whole Foods they did not answer. In reality only one fish is certified (Alaskan Salmon). I only mention this as an example of one deception they have been perpetrating for years, how many other ones are there?

Join the Facebook group .

There is going to be a meet up for New Yorkers who want to get involved.

I'll be there.

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