Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Cost of Fiber

I know Eli's is a wonderful, upscale, upper east side, super posh food establishment, but 2.99 for 4 slices of bread just seems insane.

The learning point here is that many bread products will say high in fiber which is only true if there are 5 grams or more, otherwise it's not, in fact, of any significance. I saw one loaf of bread which said: "Now higher in fiber!" And when I looked at the nutritional information it had 2 grams. That's what you call deceptive marketing. Whole Foods used to carry The Baker's low crab bread which had 5 grams, but they no longer do. It cost around $4.00 for a whole loaf.

This is important because when a food item has a fiber count of 5 grams or greater you can then deduct it from the amount of carbohydrates to assess total carb load when you eat it, so if a slice of bread has 15 grams of carbohydrates it's carb impact is only 10 grams. This is very important information for people on diets or diabetics, because carbohydrates break down into sugar and will affect your blood sugar.

Bottom line is that the bottom line to producing a healthful high fiber loaf of bread should not break the bank. At this rate, if the average loaf of bread has 20 slices a loaf of Eli's "Health Bread" would cost $14.99. PLEASE, could we get real here? Yeah that's a great diet only buy food that is so expensive you have to starve yourself.

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