Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pfifferling Mushrooms

So yesterday I was with my friend Keith at the Turkish market in Kreuzberg not far from where I am staying here in Berlin. We come up to this one stall and there is a kilo basket of what look to be Chanterelle mushrooms, my German being non-existent I was perplexed by what I thought the sign said:

3 Euros (approximately $4.20).

For 100 grams? No, the vendor tells us 3 euros for the entire basket! I was beside myself.

So I bought them thinking it would be nice to make a risotto for Keith and Christian.

That night we went to a beer garden restaurant and the entire front page of the menu was seasonal specials for a local mushroom: Pfifferling.

Keith and I told Christian the story and he assured me they were just a local mushroom that happened to be currently in season. Then as I was about to write this post I did a search to find a picture and guess what, they are indeed Chanterelles, a mushroom it turns out with many names: Egg, Girole, Girolle and Pfifferling.

After another quick search i find that, at the moment, this same amount of mushrooms in NYC would cost about $15 a pound (which strikes me as on the low side) so a kilo (2.2 pounds) would cost about $37.50

Despite this significant pleasure, I have to say that i'd forgotten how much jet lag sucks. I was awake at 5 and now it's noon and I'm ready for dinner and bed.

Aufwiedersehen for now...


Forest said...

It is awhile ago now that you bought those fresh Pfefferling in the Turkish Market - but West Coast Canada chanterelles are prime right now. If you are interested in a bulk order at
$10./lb US (plus air freight)- you will be pleased ...
Cheers! Forest

Anonymous said...

Hello UFG & Forest,

Just had lunch with my parental units and they were raving about having Pfifferling shrooms with dumplings and a thick sauce in Berlin last year, I live in Vancouver, BC Canada are the local Chantrelles a good substitute to serve them? Thanks in advance!!

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