Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going to The Ten Bells for a Glass of Wine

Ten Bells is a few blocks away from. It's a dark "u" shaped bar that has walls of chalk boards and black painted tin ceilings.

I went there for the first time last summer. I love sitting at a bar and drinking wine and eating. I love it even more when the bar has an extensive list of tapas that keeps you coming back and is dedicated to all things local and authentic including it's wine. The Ten Bells has a true dedication to naturally made wines and I happen to know he buys all his wonderful local cheese from Saxelby.

It's hard not to like a menu with lamb prosciutto, wild boar cacciatorini, a local cheese plate and octopus and potato salad.

Neil, being the hard cider fan that he is, would be very happy to see Basque apple cider Bereziartua on the by-the-glass menu. The red and white list are both equally impressive for their dedication to wine making in the traditional manner, organic grapes and often biodynamic farming.

Makes me want to put on my pants and go out for a nightcap!

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