Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lost in Berlin: The KaDeWe Videos

What a crazy trip that was.

Sorry for disappearing like I did, but there is just so much to do in Berlin, that time flew by at an insane rate.

I've only just been back in my apartment for a few hours and plan to do a lot of posting about my thoughts and experiences in Berlin, but for now I just wanted to share these videos with you and give you some background.

KaDeWe is a grand old dame of a department store that is known far and wide for it's food department. When I was in Berlin 9 years ago I went to KaDeWe and was totally unaware that on the top floor was a mega cafeteria with a wonderful glass roof. The cafeteria was bustling the day I went on this trip and rightfully so, as you will see in the video below. Oh and I make a comment about sorbet at one point, in my impromptu rambling I misspoke it was gelato or ice cream not sorbet.

All of these videos, like most of the ones I make, are very much about giving the viewer a glimpse, or maybe I should say taste, of something. In this instance I guess it's more than a taste as I have posted 4 videos just of KaDeWe alone! My narrative can seem rambling with odd pauses and my camera work is, well to be kind, let's call it gorilla video making.

The important thing is that you get see some of the highlights of KaDeWe.

I have to go nap, much more on Berlin later.

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